Sustainable collaboration

The Triangular Group Academy (TGA) is a strategic partner of the Dutch defence forces, enabling us to contribute to an adaptive military force. We have former staff members return as trainers who are willing to share their years of experience with new personnel. By doing that, we ensure that valuable knowledge doesn’t get lost and create maximum impact. Our trainers work within the existing frameworks, training instructions and curriculums.


The programmes we provide include

Firearms training programmes

  • SI
  • HSI
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Light Weapons
  • Armoured combat
  • Sniper instructions


Medical training programmes

  • General Military Nurse training
  • Medic training
  • Casualty helper training
  • Casualty attendant training
  • Military Management Training for medical personnel
  • Operational Module Healthcare
  • Retention training

*We are TCCC accredited

Engineer training programmes

  • Infantry Pioneer training
  • Detect Identify Neutralise 1

Initial training programmes

  • General Military Training (AMO)
  • General Military Training Airborne (AMOL)

Intelligence training programmes

  • Intelligence-based thinking

Knowledge through experience

Whether it is operational experience, teaching skills or leadership – the knowledge and experience of former defence staff are unique and valuable. The TGA brings this valuable knowledge back where it belongs, so it can be used again for education and training. Our trainers are eager to get started within the environment they know so well.

DSC08383 Min

Cor Commandeur



Sabrina van den Goorbergh


DSC08294 Min

Yorick Raaimakers



Danny Ossendrijver



Commando Dolk Kct

Dutch Special forces


Dutch Military education and training center Engineers

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Dutch Maritime Special forces


11 Air Assault Brigade


Defence Healthcare Education & Training Center


Military Shooting Range School

Whatsapp Image 2023 03 27 At 14.21.23

Dutch Royal Military School

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Dutch Royal Military Police


Surveillance & Security Teams

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Security & Craftmanship Course

Our trainers tell

Our courses must prepare students for reality. That is why I strive for the highest possible quality.

Rob Smets, Trainer Defence &
Emergency Services

Right from my first meeting I felt part of the TGA family. There is a special sense of solidarity within the team, the atmosphere is open and informal and there is great collegiality.

Marieke Vente, Trainer Defence

Enthusiastic work is underway to teach future shooting instructors to apply proper safety precautions and practices. As a result, they are able to help shooters achieve better results and to make shooters aware of their actions.

Mark van der Mark, Trainer Defence

The start at TGA felt like entering a warm nest for me. Everyone is involved, driven and has the same mindset. In addition, there is an excellent atmosphere and I can fully express myself in my work again.

Ricardo Barrientos, Trainer Defence

Whoever stops improving ceases to be good. We do this as an instructor, but also in the training and courses we provide.

Harald Leeuwis, Trainer Defence

TGA is not only a valuable client to me, but I also feel a sincere connection with all TGA colleagues, a close-knit family that enjoys going for the very best result every day, regardless of the assignment!

Antoine Horsten, Trainer Defence


Would you like to learn more about collaborating with TGA? Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can tell you all about our options.


Edwin Schellekens

Senior Recruiter

+31(0)20 82 08 207
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Interested in our training programmes?

Marlin van Hal

General Director
Triangular Group Academy

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